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Dr. Kyle F. Long offers general dentistry treatments at his Denver, CO, office to help patients maintain a lifetime of excellent oral health. In addition to six-month checkups and cleanings, he offers sophisticated root canal therapy to treat advanced tooth decay, effective temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder solutions, extractions and wisdom tooth removalperiodontal care (including scaling and root planing), and sleep apnea treatments. While visiting the dentist may not be the first solution that comes to mind when suffering from symptoms of TMJ and sleep apnea, these conditions can be closely related to dental health, and Dr. Long is prepared to help you find the relief you deserve. Your oral health has a profound influence on your overall health, and you can safeguard your entire family's health by trusting your dental care to an experienced and compassionate practitioner.

Photo of a hand pointing to a dental x-ray with a pen

Our x-rays can identify advanced tooth decay and help guide a comfortable and beneficial root canal treatment.

Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Long performs root canal therapy to treat infected teeth and prevent the need for extraction. It is usually recommended when decay reaches the soft pulp at the center of a tooth. During root canal therapy, Dr. Long will remove all tissue from this central chamber. He will also clean out your root canals and reshape the area before filling your tooth with a soft, rubbery substance. Dr. Long uses state-of-the-art rotary instruments, which will significantly speed the process. With these tools, tooth preparation will take about 45 minutes to an hour. Then the dentist can place a temporary restoration. You will return about two weeks later to receive your final dental crown.

Dr. Long can help you achieve better health and a better quality of life through his sophisticated treatments.

There is a misconception that root canal therapy is painful - in fact, a root canal is a solution for painful symptoms, and modern techniques make the procedure comfortable. Dr. Long proudly offers minimal discomfort care. His gentle and precise techniques will limit the impact on the healthy parts of your tooth. He offers oral conscious sedation if you are feeling anxious about the treatment.


Frena are connective tissue bands under the tongue and behind the upper and lower lips. In some cases, this tissue can impair speech, cause gaps between teeth, or make eating difficult. Dr. Long can incise this tissue in a way that restores comfort and function.

TMJ Disorder Therapy

TMJ disorder, or TMD, affects the temporomandibular joints on each side of your jaw. Because these joints face tremendous pressure on a daily basis, they can easily become inflamed. Many times, it occurs because the bite is not properly balanced when the upper and lower jaws meet. Chronic teeth grinding and facial trauma are often contributing factors. TMD can cause significant discomfort, including jaw stiffness, ear pain, radiating pain in your lower face, and other symptoms.

Dr. Long will usually treat TMD with a custom-made oral splint. Your splint will realign your jaw, taking the pressure off of your joints. In other cases, Dr. Long may recommend restorative dentistry to treat your jaw pain. Bridges and implants can replace missing teeth so that the pressure of your bite falls evenly across your dental arches. Similarly, crowns can repair worn teeth to reinstate the natural force of your bite.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you wake up feeling exhausted in spite of a full night of sleep, you may be struggling with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Other symptoms include irritability, forgetfulness, and sexual dysfunction. This condition occurs when your throat, soft palate, or tongue collapse during the night, blocking your airways and obstructing breathing. Over time, OSA can increase your risk of heart disease and other serious health conditions.

Dr. Long can treat OSA with an oral appliance, similar to the ones he uses to treat TMD. The device will also gently direct your lower jaw forward, which will tighten your soft palate. In turn, this will open up your airways, allowing you to achieve a complete night’s rest.

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