Complete Periodontal Care Promotes Lasting Oral and Physical Health

Healthy gums are essential for an attractive smile and lifelong oral wellness. Unfortunately, gum disease is a common oral health problem that can cause tooth loss, discomfort, and many other symptoms. Dr. Kyle F. Long and his team provide gentle, effective periodontal care at their Denver, CO, office. Prevention through regular cleanings and exams is a major focus. At the same time, if gum disease develops, we offer a number of treatment options. Based on the severity of your condition, we may suggest scaling and root planing or soft tissue surgery. In the case of severe gum disease, we can refer you to a specialist. Because periodontal care can also protect your systemic health, it is important to address gum disease as soon as possible. 

Diagram of healthy gum tissue versus gum disease

As oral bacteria spread, it can create pockets in your gums and cause the soft tissues to recede. 

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is one of the most common chronic health conditions in this country. The disease develops when oral bacteria adhere to your teeth and spread to your soft tissue. At first, the microbes will only cause mild to moderate inflammation. This stage of the condition is known as gingivitis, and we can typically prevent its progression with one or two regular cleanings. However, if the microbes are allowed to remain in your mouth, they will quickly multiply. As they spread, they will create pockets in your gums, causing the soft tissue to recede. Once this occurs, the condition is known as periodontitis. The symptoms can include:

  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Gum pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Visible gum erosion

Periodontitis is chronic. However, while there is no cure for the condition, appropriate care can keep it from spreading or growing worse. 

Periodontal Care Options

The right treatment for your gum disease will depend on its severity. Although a regular cleaning is usually sufficient to treat gingivitis, if you have mild to moderate periodontitis, scaling and root planing (a deep cleaning) will usually be appropriate. During this procedure, your practitioner will clean the bacteria from your gums. He or she will carefully eliminate the pockets, so the process should not irritate the healthy parts of your gum tissue. Immediately afterward, your dentist or hygienist will smooth your dental roots. Rough patches on your roots can easily trap bacteria, leading to a flare-up of periodontitis. Therefore, a deep cleaning will help to prevent recurring gum disease. Before scaling and root planing, your practitioner will administer local anesthesia, so the process will involve minimal discomfort. And if you are feeling nervous, we can also provide deeper sedation.

Scientists have linked gum disease with an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and several other serious concerns.

If you have advanced gum disease, you may require oral surgery. For example, a gum graft can replace your soft tissues and protect your dental roots. If your periodontitis has affected your jawbone, you may require a bone grafting procedure. In these cases, we can refer you to a trusted and highly qualified periodontist in the area.

Why Is Periodontal Care So Important?

We are committed to outstanding periodontal treatment because of the tremendous benefits it can have for your current and long-term health. First, appropriate care can eliminate discomfort. It will also reduce your risk for tooth loss, jawbone recession, compromised oral function, and a compromised appearance. Equally important, periodontal treatment will protect your overall physical well-being. Scientists have linked gum disease with an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and several other serious concerns. For this reason, our procedures could actually extend your life.

Contact Us for Smile-saving Treatment

Have you experienced the symptoms of gum disease, or has it been some time since your last dental visit? In either case, we are ready to provide the care you need. Contact Dr. Long’s office for an appointment today. 

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