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When a tooth becomes infected, there are only two solutions: extract the tooth, or - if the exterior tissue can be saved - undergo a root canal.

Dr. Kyle Long in Denver, CO, can provide a root canal that is virtually painless, provides incredible relief, and allows you to keep your tooth.

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Anesthesia and modern techniques minimize any discomfort. In fact, the procedure is frequently described as being no more uncomfortable than receiving a filling.

Preservation of natural dental tissue is always preferable, if possible. A root canal can help you avoid the need for tooth extraction and a host of costly restorative treatments.

The symptoms of a root canal are painful and the infection itself can cause further tooth loss, jawbone recession, and other health issues. A root canal can restore your comfort and your oral health.

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A root canal involves completely removing the soft tissue from within an infected tooth.

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Dr. Kyle F. Long offers precise, advanced root canal therapy at his Denver, CO, office, which serves the nearby communities of Aurora and Cherry Creek. Over the course of two appointments, he will eliminate infected dental tissue and place a custom-made crown. In this way, he can prevent future infection and restore your dental function. Root canals are often mistaken as being painful. However, thanks to Dr. Long’s modern methods, the procedure is actually quite comfortable, and can relieve the agonizing discomfort of advanced decay. His special rotary instruments will speed the process, and he can even provide dental sedation if you are feeling anxious about your treatment. Your final restoration will be made from advanced materials to achieve a natural appearance.

Illustration showing phases of root canal therapy

A root canal can help you avoid the need for extraction.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Typically, Dr. Long will recommend a root canal if you are suffering from a dental infection. Often, a tooth becomes infected when a cavity reaches the soft pulp in the central chamber. Because this pulp houses nerves and blood vessels, the microbes can quickly move down your dental roots. Though a toothache is the most common symptom of infection, not every toothache requires root canal therapy. Dr. Long will carefully examine your tooth and take x-rays to determine the most appropriate treatment. He will also consider your other symptoms, which could include:

  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Pain when biting down
  • Pain that radiates across your jaw and lower face
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Gum abscesses
  • Discoloration on the inside of your tooth

Under our care, you can expect comfortable treatment and long-term benefits.

Less commonly, Dr. Long will perform root canal therapy to repair a cracked tooth. To qualify for treatment, the crack must not reach all the way to your dental root.

What to Expect during the Root Canal Procedure

Before your root canal, Dr. Long will numb your tooth and gums. He can also provide sedation if you are apprehensive about your procedure. Oral conscious sedation can help you achieve deep relaxation during treatment, and you will likely have no memory of the experience when the medication subsides. 

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Long will clean out your tooth, removing all tissue. He will also reshape the interior chamber of your tooth, as well as your root canals. Then he will fill the area with a soft, rubber-like material. Finally, he will place a temporary filling to seal your tooth. Dr. Long uses the latest techniques and nickel titanium rotary instruments. With this ultra-modern approach, your treatment will be faster, and you can return to your regular routine as quickly as possible.  

About two weeks later, you will return to receive your dental crown. In the interim, we can provide a temporary restoration. Your final crown will be custom-crafted at a trusted lab. The technicians will use refined techniques and the latest materials. You can expect that your restoration will closely match the surrounding teeth. Usually, this second visit will last about one hour.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Without root canal therapy, infection would eventually destroy your entire tooth. You would then require extraction and a dental restoration, such as a bridge or implant. With root canal therapy, Dr. Long can save the healthy exterior of the tooth, which is stronger and more durable than even the most advanced restorations. In addition, a root canal will provide relief from painful symptoms. Meanwhile, the treatment will keep infection from spreading to your other teeth, your gums, and your jawbone. 

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If you are suffering from a toothache or other symptoms of infection, contact our office online or call us at (303) 974-4450 to find out if a root canal is appropriate for you. Under our care, you can expect comfortable treatment and long-term benefits.


We want to make you feel good about sharing your smile.

- Dr. Kyle Long

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