Gentle Tooth Extraction 

We always try to save damaged teeth, but extensive decay or trauma can sometimes make extraction the best solution. Dr. Kyle F. Long in Denver, CO, provides tooth extraction that prioritizes the oral health, safety, and comfort of his patients. He uses the latest and gentlest techniques, and sedation is available for patients who feel anxious or have difficulty sitting comfortably in the dentist's chair. Dr. Long also offers a range of restorative procedures to replace your tooth following extraction.

loose tooth

Dr. Long uses sophisticated techniques to make tooth extraction virtually painless.

Reasons for Extraction

Tooth extraction may be necessary due to :

Extensive Decay
Root canal treatment can often salvage teeth compromised by excessive decay. If there is not enough healthy tissue remaining, extraction may be the best solution.
Severe Trauma
A substantial injury may cause damage that cannot be resolved with restorations or a root canal.
Advanced Periodontitis
The later stages of gum disease may cause the tooth to become loose. Your dentist may recommend removing and replacing the tooth to protect your oral health.
Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment
If there is not adequate space in your jaw for teeth to shift into proper alignment, extraction may be performed before orthodontic treatment is provided.
Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth can often become impacted, damaging surrounding teeth and other tissues. They can be extracted if complications occur, or they can be extracted in the earliest stages of development in order to avoid complications.

The Extraction Process

Dr. Long conducts in-depth evaluations to determine the surest way to restore your oral health. He will only recommend extraction if there is no way to save the tooth. A simple extraction requires gently loosening the tooth and removing it. An impacted tooth may require a surgical extraction involving the incision gum and bone tissue. 

If extraction is necessary, Dr. Long will be able to replace the tooth with solutions such as a dental bridge or implant-supported crown

Maintaining Your Comfort

Dr. Long's patients undergo their procedures in heated massage chairs that help you relax from the moment the appointment begins. If you are anxious, or if you suffer from arthritis or another condition that makes sitting uncomfortable, Dr. Long offers oral conscious sedation. Dr. Long also spends time providing ample patient education and answering questions to help you feel comfortable under his care.

Tooth Extraction Risks

Every medical procedure involves risks. Dr. Long takes every precaution to help his extraction patients avoid: 

  • Dry socket, a condition in which the resulting blood clot becomes dislodged
  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Jaw soreness
  • Infection

Schedule Your Consultation

If you have suffered dental trauma, or if you are experiencing any symptoms of a dental infection or impaction, call us right away at (303) 722-1690. Dr. Long will examine your tooth and determine the best course of action. He will always strive to provide relief using the most conservative approach possible. However, if extraction is necessary, you can expect that your treatment will be virtually painless and that Dr. Long will be able to replace the tooth with solutions such as a dental bridge or implant-supported crown.

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