Dental Implants

Various circumstances contribute to missing teeth. Aging, dental trauma, or tooth decay can lead to one or more teeth going missing in a lifetime. Fortunately, Dr. Kyle F. Long restores dental implants at his Denver, CO, office to create a way for those with missing teeth to regain a natural smile and benefit from a fully-functional set of teeth.

A single dental implant is inserted into the jaw and topped with an abutment, which secures a dental crown in place.

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Along with restoring dental implants, Dr. Kyle Long educates patients about dental implant therapy and refers candidates to highly skilled periodontists and oral surgeons located in the Denver, Colorado area.

What Are Dental Implants?

Graphic of a dental implant and dental crownA dental implant consists of a titanium screw that is surgically placed into the jawbone. During a healing period, the implant will undergo a process called osseointegration wherein the implant fuses with the existing jawbone tissue and creates a fixed, durable replacement for the root of a tooth. Once healed, the implant will be capped with an artificial crown and left to function like a natural tooth. The result is a seamless smile that looks as if a tooth never went missing!

Implant dentistry has created a variety of ways to receive dental implants, such as:

Single-tooth replacement: Those who have only one missing tooth, or several missing teeth in between two natural teeth, may receive a single implant. One dental implant is placed in order to fill a gap of space in the jaw and creates a smile that looks natural and healthy.

Multiple-teeth replacement: For patients with multiple missing teeth, dental implants can be placed on either side of a gap of space and serve as anchors for a dental bridge or partial denture. Implant-supported bridges involve no preparation to the natural teeth and are secured in between two sturdy implants.

Implant-supported denture: Patients who are missing all of their teeth can receive an implant-supported denture, which involves placing implants that attach to housing units located on a complete denture prosthetic. The result is a secure set of teeth that do not slip out of place.

Dental Implants in Denver

Typically, patients in good health are qualified to receive dental implants, but it is still important for Dr. Long to review your medical history and take x-rays to determine whether you are healthy enough to receive implants. Many times, patients accustomed to wearing traditional dentures may lose jawbone density due to a lack of natural teeth. When this happens patients may require bone grafting so that their jawbone may be able to sustain dental implants.

Once your implants have been placed and healed, Dr. Long will take impressions of your implants and create a customized crown that suits your natural tooth size, shape, and color. Once the crown has been placed, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of full smile.

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If you would like more information about dental implants and the cost of treatment, or to find out whether dental implants are right for you, contact Dr. Kyle Long in Denver, CO and schedule an appointment today!

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